What Do Brands Look For In An Influencer?

It's no secret that brands look for certain qualities when looking for influencers to work with. So what kind of qualities are we talking about?

The information I am giving to you comes from Chief Marketing Officer of TapInfluence, Holly Hamann.

1. Content Relevance

Brands want to reach a specific target audience. That's why it's so important to have a niche in this business! If a hiking boot company is looking for an influencer to work with, they want to work with someone who's audience is clearly into hiking.  If you have a very specific audience that this brand is trying to reach, they might be willing to pay you more to get in front of them than someone who has a more generic audience.

2. Post Frequency

It is important to show businesses that you will show up for them! If you only post randomly once every couple weeks or months it shows them that your audience might not be that engaged with your content. It also shows them that you might not be dedicated to your content, website, or blog. Something they look for is how active you have been in the past month or two.

3. Content Quality

This does not mean you can't land brand deals if you are taking iPhone photos! What this means is that when a brand works with you, your content is an extension of their own. So if your content lacks substance or you have spelling or grammatical mistakes in your posts they might not be willing to work with you.

4. Audience Engagement

I preach this all the time! Engagement rate is becoming more and more important to brands. They are no longer just looking at followers. Which is AWESOME for all of us micro-influencers out there! Brands want to see that you have a consistent, engaged audience. If you'd like to read more about increasing your engagement rate, click here.

5. An Angle

Because influencer marketing is very popular now it's important to find a way to stand out. Maybe you're bilingual, maybe it's your culture, or even just your story. But I encourage you to dig deep and find what makes you unique!


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