Let's Talk Niche

Do I really need a niche?!

When I first started researching how to become a content creator, I read over and over that you need to have a niche! This was an internal struggle for me because 1. No one ever explained to me WHY I needed a niche and 2. There are SO many things I’m passionate about - animals, travel, sustainability, photography, so how am I supposed to stick with just one thing?!


For awhile I tried to convince myself that it was okay to just be me, that I didn’t need a “niche” but after awhile I learned that it actually IS super important to have a niche AND I can do that while still staying true to myself!

Why do you need a niche?!

Whether you pronounce it neesh or nitch it’s important to narrow yours down! If you’re in the content creator business, part of your income will come from working with brands. If you have a very specific audience that these brands are trying to reach, they might be willing to work with you or pay you more to get in front of them than someone who has a more generic audience.


If a hiking boot company is looking for an influencer to work with, they want to work with someones who’s audience is clearly into hiking! Havingniche is important because if you try to cater to everyone your overall marketing and message won't speak to anyone. So, it's important you have a targeted niche market and speak to a customer or client in a certain way which they can really relate to.

Okay so how do I narrow it down?

It’s so important you stay true to yourself when finding the niche you want to stick with. If you aren’t passionate about what you’re sharing it’ll be easy to lose interest and motivation. The first step is identifying your interests! Make a list of 10 things you’re passionate about.

Here are a few prompts to help you:
  • How do you spend your free time? What do you look forward to most?
  • What topics do you like to learn about?
  • What clubs/organizations have/do you belong to?
  • What do you hope to inspire others to do through your account?

Next, it’s important to pick a niche that has room for growth, but still has a lot of competition as well! A common misconception is that you have to find an “untapped” niche so you can reap all the rewards of being the premier influencer in your space. However, competition within your niche is actually a good thing. A large number of buyers and sellers form a healthy market. You can always find a way to stand out by differentiating yourself within your niche.


Last, loving your niche isn’t enough! You have to know it really well (or be willing to learn about it) and SHARE your knowledge on whatever it is you choose! Give people a reason to follow YOUR page out of every other creator.

Okay so you've taken some time, figured out your niche (or still need help) so now what?

Now you need a strategy. The fundamentals to growing an engaged community on Instagram and really honing in on who you want to become. If that sounds good to you click here to get my 2022 Growth Secrets Ebook & a clear path to success.

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