What Is A Content Creator & How Do I Start?

If you’ve landed on this page it likely means you’ve recently been exposed to the world of content creators. Real live people who get paid to travel, cook, play with their dogs, or monetize whatever their passions may be through their Instagram accounts.


No this isn’t a scam, it’s very real and if you aren’t jumping at this opportunity then you my friend, are a silly little goose!


Look, I know how you feel. I had A LOT of skepticism when I first started learning about influencer marketing and content creation. Not to mention the fear of judgment I had when I thought about what my family and friends would think of me trying to grow my Instagram. If I had a penny for every time someone told me to “get a real job” I’d probably have at least $500,000… which is actually a lot less than what I made this year from being a content creator!


The thing is, influencer marketing IS a real job. And it does require a lot of work.

The power of influencer marketing and being a content creator

Influencer marketing is a legitimate form of marketing for businesses and it’s only getting bigger and bigger? Why? Because the return on investment, the quality of customers, and the amount of revenue brands make from it is SO MUCH HIGHER than any traditional form of marketing. Crazy right?!


It’s a multi billion dollar industry and my favorite thing about it is that it allows regular people, with no prior experience, to build an incredible, fulfilling life around their passion. All without getting yourself into crippling debt from spending thousands of dollars, two toes, an arm, and your soul to get a degree.


Pretty incredible right?! So what exactly does a content creator do?


There are two paths to take when it comes to monetizing your Instagram as a content creator. The first is simply sharing about a brand or business you’re working with. Talking about it or tagging them in a post or on your stories. The second way is licensing the rights to the content you make for this brand so that they can use your images or videos for marketing, on their website, or their own social media. And I already know what you’re thinking! No, you don’t need expensive camera gear or any camera gear at all actually! Most of the content I’ve sold to brands was taken right on my phone!


I mean it almost sounds too good to be true right? Like where’s the catch Chas?


There literally is no catch! It is THAT incredible which is why I’m so passionate about helping others get to live their dream life. If you are even slightly considering this as an opportunity for yourself then please chase that dream my little grasshopper!


Okay okay so after that little pep talk I’m sure you’re asking… “how do I become a content creator?”


It’s a lot simpler than you think! All you need is a small following and the confidence to pitch to brands.


The key? You just have to START!


I have a plethora of information on my blog & Instagram page… but if you’re ready to take the next leap forward then click the link below for a step by step guide to building your dream life. It’s just around the corner if you want it to be.


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