The Do's And Don'ts Of Pitching To Brands

The Do's

Send Your Media Kit

A Media Kit is similar to a job resume. It's a quick summary of what your personal brand is about, stats on your audience, social media, and past collaborations.


You should send your media kit/portfoilo in your pitch! Most brands get tons of emails asking for collaborations meaning they want to go through them quickly. They aren't going to want to go searching for your work or have to follow up for it. Sending it along with your pitch is a great way to show them your incredible skills right away without wasting any time!


If you don't have a media kit and aren't sure what you should include head over to my IG highlights for a free media kit checklist!

Research The Brand

A great way to stand out is by doing your homework! I always restate the brands mission statement in my initial pitch. This shows them that you do really resonate with the brand and what they do! Plus it gives you the chance to really see if that brand is a good fit for you!


It's so important to only work with brands you are truly passionate about because that will show through in your work! Building credibility with your audience is more important in the long run than gaining a quick buck so make sure that product/company truly aligns with your brand!

Follow Up

Do not be afraid to follow up multiple times after sending your pitch! I know it can be easy to think, "well I don't want to seem annoing or pushy" but I can promise you following up is not going to stop you from landing that brand deal. What it does is show them that you are truly interested in working with them!


There have been multiple times where I haven't heard back until the 4th or 5th follow up and they DID want to work with me! Just remember you aren't the only person sending them emails and they can be easy to overlook at times.


Also, remember that just because it's a no now, doens't mean it will be a no later! Sometimes companies will have just finished a campaign and aren't looking for influencers, or they don't have the budget, but don't be afraid to pitch to that same company 6 or 7 months later! By that time you should also have more experience!

The Don'ts

Discredit Yourself And Your Work

Please please please don't discredit yourself! Know your value and pitch with confidence! An example of discrediting yourself would be something like "I am emailing you in hopes of discussing a potential collaboration. I know I don't have many followers or engagement, but I'd love to review your products on my page."


Know your strong points and the value you can offer. If you don't have a huge following that's okay! Brands are actually learning more and more that working with micro-influencers is super beneficial as we usually have a tight nit community! If followers aren't your strong suit, point out what is and do it with confidence!


Whether you take incredible photos, or have an amazing connection with your audience, it's important to focus on the value you bring instead of pointing out the reasons why they shouldn't work with you.

Focus On What You Want From The Brand

One of the biggest mistakes influencers make is focusing on what you want out of the collaboration instead of what you can offer! It's SO important to talk about the value you can provide and why working with you would be different from working with any other influencer. Again, this is why it's important to figure out your strong suits!


Does your audience match their target audience and hold the same values? Do you have extensive experience in photography? Can you offer them exposure on a new up and coming platform? Is your engagement rate above average?


Building relationships with brands is so beneficial to your work. When your personal brand aligns well with the brand you're pitching to you can have a successful collaboration that is mutually beneficial. When that happens, they will be more willing to work with you again and build a long lasting relationship as opposed to a on-off post!

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