5 Tips Fo Living A Happier Life

Living A Happier Life 2

1. Accept the fact that there are shitty people on this earth.

I have been a people pleaser my whole life and I still am. But, in my adult life, I've had to come to the realization that there are shitty people in this world. There are people who won't like you, people who are jealous of you, people who will take advantage of you, people who will discourage you, and despite your hardest efforts to please these people... you never will.


BUT that's not your fault or your problem and once you realize that, it's so much easier to move on from those people. That doesn't mean you have to stop being kind, generous, trusting, etc. Don't change who you are in spite of these people. Come to terms with the fact that you willcome across people like this in your life, but for every mean and miserable person out to get you, there are ten people who love and support you.


Focus on those people and drop the negative ones... you can't expect to see positive changes in your life if you surround yourself with negative people.

2. Don't sweat the small things

I really like the saying, "shit happens" because shit does happen... to all of us, but life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. You can train your mind to have a positive attitude.


Start with asking yourself, "is worrying or stressing over this going to make the situation any better?" Nine times out of ten the answer is a big fat NO. Too often we allow ourselves to focus on little problems and concerns and blow them way out of proportion. Instead try minimizing those little issues. If someone cuts you off in traffic try putting yourself in their shoes and remember how stressful it is to be in such a hurry.


By doing this we maintain our own sense of well-being and avoid making other people's problems our own. Or if an unexpected bill comes up try being thankful that you have a job that allows you to pay for it. I like to live by the 5 by 5 rule. If the problem isn't going to matter in 5 years, don't be upset about it for more than 5 minutes.


When you make peace with the fact that shit happens and life will be okay... you will save yourself from a lot of frustration.

3. Invest in yourself and know your worth

No relationship is more important in life than the relationship you have with yourself. Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. So invest in yourself, buy yourself flowers or a new sweater, find a hobby, and spend time doing things that make YOU happy.


For me it's photography and spending time in nature. I try to get out at least once a week, but it's different for everyone. If you want to travel, book the ticket even if it's by yourself. If you've always wanted to learn how to play the piano sign up for a class. Read a new book or paint a picture. Doing things for yourself will not only make you feel good, but it will bring value to your life. When you find value in your life you start to see your worth.


And when you see your worth you'll find it hard to spend time with people who don't see it too. Knowing your worth allows you to see the difference between what you're getting and what you deserve. It allows you to surround yourself with people who appreciate you for exactly who you are and there is no better feeling than that.


Self-worth is so vital to your happiness. If you don't feel good about YOU, it's hard to feel good about anything else.

4. Be active

I think this is one people (myself included) tend to struggle with the most. However, being active can have SO many positive effects on not only your health but your happiness.


Whether it's taking your dog for a walk every morning, riding your bike in the evening, going to the gym, or going for a hike, moving your body once or twice a week (or more) will release feel-good endorphins in your brain which will contribute to positive emotions. It's science people!


Being active is also known to help depression and anxiety. Not only that, but getting into shape can make you feel so good about yourself. I know it can be difficult to find motivation at first, but this is something you just have to force yourself to do.


In the beginning it may be hard, but the more you do it the easier it becomes and the more you look forward to it. I can promise you becoming more active is one thing you won't regret.

5. Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life. 🌿 The energy you put out into the world reflects back to you whether it's positive or negative.


If you want to feel happy then you have to give out positive vibes. Be kind and you will receive more kindness. Spread love and more people will love you in return. Be positive and positive things will happen to you. If you focus on the negative aspects of life you will always stay under that dark cloud.


If you only focus on your problems and do nothing about it you will only cause more problems and a negative outlook on life, but you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve you will always find a way to achieve them!


One way to put this into practice is to stop judging others and being so bitter. Once you start lifting others up and being positive it's that much easier to lift yourself up and have a positive attitude radiate from you. We rise by lifting others. Our hearts can grow and find happiness if we allow it. 😊❤️