"The Instagram login wasn’t from Instagram, it was a fake website created by the hacker. As soon as we tried to login, they got our password and locked us out. All it took was a quick lapse of concentration."


Did you know on average, 120 creator accounts get hacked daily in the US alone? I have even spoken to creators who had a 2FA (two factor authenticator) and they still fell victim to hackers! It’s one of those things you think could never happen to you… until it does. Losing my community, my business, and my travel journal is one of the most terrifying things to think about.


Instagram has become so much more than a social media platform to a lot of us. So it’s worth protecting! Let’s talk about this crazy new concept… Insurance for your Instagram and why it’s a MUST.

1. Hackers are getting better at what they do

Hackers are advancing just as fast as technology. Meaning they’re getting more and more clever in their tactics. Bram and Manon from @flipflopwanderers were sent an email from a seemingly big clothing brand requesting a partnership… nothing out of the norm for many of us! 


“We were staying in Vietnam on Christmas eve in 2018, when we received an email from a (seemingly) big clothing brand offering a sponsorship opportunity. They even included links to an Instagram page they claimed was theirs. 

We don’t normally click links, but we wanted to have a look. Since we did this on our laptop, Instagram - or at least what looked like Instagram - asked us for our password. But the Instagram login wasn’t from Instagram, it was a fake website created by the hacker. As soon as we tried to login, they got our password and locked us out. All it took was a quick lapse of concentration.”


I don’t know about you… but this is something that absolutely would have worked on me! Whenever I get collab requests I usually click on the link to their Instagram so I can check them out! SEE…  Hackers are getting SO CLEVER!

Click here to read their entire story.

2. It can actually MAKE you money… wait… what?!

Having insurance will legitimize your business & you can even potentially use it to stand out from the crowd and earn MORE from brands if you’re insured. It is also a great reason to increase your rates in general. Think about it… your business is more professional, it’s protected, and those things come at a cost! It costs more to run a business at this caliber which means you get to charge more. Oh, and did I mention it’s also a deductible cost for your taxes!? Raise your hand if you love saving money on taxes!


Click to read about how 85% of marketers would pay extra to work with influencers with social media insurance.

3. Three words… financial safety net.

Instagram isn’t just fun & games (and the occasional mental breakdown caused by the lovely algorithm) it’s people’s livelihoods! Just like many others on the app, a big portion of my income comes from Instagram. It’s not just my social media… It's my business! Knowing that I have a financial safety net in case something happens to my account is such a huge relief, and knowing that if anything happens I will be okay financially until I get it back.

Okay okay, it makes A LOT of sense, RIGHT?. So who should you actually insure your account with? Is it even possible to insure an Instagram account?!

Thanks to Notch, it finally is!

I came across Notch earlier this year and didn’t think twice about using their services. As a creator coach I’ve heard one too many horror stories to leave it up to chance. I have spoken to their team, the co-founder & CEO and have had nothing but positive experiences. I purchased a plan with them and I’m really impressed with everything I’ve seen! It’s their customer care for me! 


The best part about Notch? Not only do they provide loss of income insurance if you get hacked, they also have a customer service team to help you get your account back! That's SO reassuring!


Interested in learning more? Check out Notch for yourself and get a quote by clicking the button below! 


Take care of your business and it will take care of you!

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