4 Steps to Protect Your Account From Getting Hacked

“HELP! Hackers took our account and are blackmailing us to buy it back. I feel SO DUMB. Instagram has been zero help. I’m super nervous he’s just going to delete the account.”

“Chas I need your help!!!! My account was hacked and I’ve had zero luck trying to get it back.”

“My old account got hacked even with a two factor authenticator… I never got it back either and had to start over completely”

“After my account got hacked I completely gave up… I don’t think IG is what I’m supposed to be doing…”

One thing I’ve learned from working with thousands of creators across the industry, is that anyone can get hacked. It’s one of those things you think will never happen to you… until it does. Above are just a few of the messages I’ve received from my community. Let me be the first to tell you, don’t wait until “later” to protect your account, don’t wait until you have more followers, and don’t wait until you go “full-time.” Start protecting yourself TODAY so you never have to go through the feeling of losing everything you’ve worked so hard for!

How to protect your account in 4 easy steps

1. Set up a third party two-factor authentication app. 

Two-Factor Authentication works by adding an additional layer of security to your online accounts. It requires an additional login credential – beyond just the username and password. Two-Factor Authentication apps will generate a 6-8 digit code that Instagram will require before logging in. The code can only be accessed through the app on your phone.

2. Don’t make all of your passwords the same.

Look, I know it’s SO much easier to remember your login info if it’s all the same… but this is dangerous territory in the online world of business owners and content creators. It’s so easy to have your life flipped upside down by hackers. Amy Graham from @the.style.mantra, a small creator for sustainable fashion, had just begun to build a small engaged community & relationships with brands when she got hacked not once... But 4 times!


“It was heartbreaking that I had worked hard to grow a small but engaged following and revenue stream, which could all disappear and there wasn't much I could do about it.

I was locked out for 7 days and during this time my photos had been deleted and new photos of women in bikinis had been uploaded along with captions to click on the link in my bio. I lost a lot of followers as people thought it was a spam account.

My relationship with some of the brands I worked with suffered also as I missed deadlines by not posting content for them. I believe I lost around 600 followers in that week, which was really upsetting. I felt like a lot of hard work had been lost in an instant.” - Amy

Learn how Notch protects and insures Instagram creators against hacks

3. Don’t click on fishy links.

Hackers will often try to get you to click on links (that look legit) so they can access your information and do their hackery things. Oftentimes these emails will appear like they’re coming from a site we trust, like Instagram or PayPal. They will make it seem as though something is wrong and if you don’t act in a timely manner your account will be closed. DON’T ever get fooled into clicking on these links. Double check the email or account that the message is coming from and know that the real website or platforms would never contact you and ask you to click on a link. EVER. To learn more about how exactly hackers are doing this click here to view 6 common ways hackers steal accounts.

4. Get insurance for your digital assets. 

Even the most vigilant and tech savvy of us can fall for hackers’ scams - they’re more convincing than ever. Personally, I need to have peace of mind knowing that even if something were to happen, I’m protected. If you’re a content creator or business owner with an Instagram account, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way as I do. These are not just our social media profiles - they’re our businesses, our livelihoods. Which is why when I found out about Notch, I was like, “How did this not exist before?!” Notch insures Instagram accounts against hacks, and I can’t recommend them enough. Not only do they have an account retrieval service, they will also pay you for each day your account is hacked. DAILY. For someone who makes money primarily through Instagram… this is a huge safety net should I ever lose access to my account.


All of these steps are an additional layer of security. Set up a two-factor authentication app, change your passwords, don't click on fishy links, take care of your business and it will take care of you! If you'd like to go the extra step and learn more about Notch click here to join Notch’s waitlist and check your eligibility!